4 Swimming Pools with the Best View in Hong Kong

Hong Kong – Hong Kong not only has a shopping destination, but also a cool swimming pool. Here are 4 swimming pools with the best views in Hong Kong.

Generally a traveler comes to Hong Kong to shop. If you get bored shopping, try swimming in a Hong Kong swimming pool that has a cool view. Reported by detikTravel from CNN, Wednesday (01/27/2016) following 4 swimming pools with the best view in Hong Kong:

1. Ritz Carlton Hong Kong

(The Ritz Carlton)

The swimming pool with the best view is on the 118th floor of the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Hong Kong. Being above the height of 484 meters, of course a traveler can see Hong Kong as a whole.

Uniquely, the ceiling and swimming pool walls are made of 114 LED screens. From this screen a traveler can see an illustration of the tree canopy, coral reefs and various other natural scenes.

In addition, the swimming pool is also equipped with an outdoor jacuzzi. Reportedly, the swimming pool of the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Hong Kong is said to be the highest in the world, you know.

2. Hong Kong

(W Hotel)

Besides the Ritz Carlton swimming pool, Hotel W Hong Kong also has a swimming pool with a beautiful view. Located on the 76th floor, the swimming pool also presents the beauty of the city of Hong Kong that is no less beautiful.

Uniquely, the Hotel W swimming pool is equipped with a very stylish wet deck. Not infrequently the swimming pool is the location of a festive party in the summer.

3. Four Seasons Hotels

(Latifah Al-Hazza / CNN)

For the matter of beautiful scenery, Four Season Hotel has a swimming pool with a charming view of Victoria Harbor. In addition, Four Seasons Hotel also has four beautiful swimming pools data hk with cool views.

Another uniqueness, the swimming pool is also equipped with underwater music which is channeled through special pipes. The uniqueness can also be a plus point for travelers who like music.

Then there are also pools of currents to pools with cold water overlooking Victoria Harbor. Unfortunately the swimming pool is only open for hotel guests only.

4. Man Cheung Po

(Latifah Al-Hazza / CNN)

Not only swimming pools are man-made, Hong Kong also has a natural swimming pool with a view that is no less cool. In Tai O Village, Hong Kong, a traveler can find Man Cheung Po’s natural swimming pool which has a fantastic view.

History The pond was formed naturally after the dam was built between the ravine and the waterfall. For scenery, a traveler can see the mountains to the sea in the distance from a pool that looks like an infinity pool.

But since Man Cheung Po’s swimming pool is located in nature, a traveler is required to trek for an hour to reach it. If on vacation to Hong Kong, try swimming to one of the pools above. Certainly refreshing and beautiful.

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